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The Scoop About Us

Kohler Design Corp is a US Company founded in 1996 by Georg Kohler.

Originally servicing the automotive coil winding industry it designed and produced it's first laser welder in 1997

For many years our laser enclosures system where solely sold through Lasag  AG a Swiss Laser manufacturer.

Today we market our systems through various third parties or direct.

As of 2022 Kohler Design has built and delivered close to + 400  Laser systems worldwide. We are proud to be able to fully service any system we produced after 2000 either through third parties or direct.

The core group of engineers and technicians average 10+ years with the company.  Our employees take pride in their work and pay attention to detail in our products.  Quality, value, and exceptional customer support are at our core values.

Kohler Design is an equal opportunity employer. 

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